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Connect An Exchange

AlgoCryptobot is an automated trading platform in which the trading is done on your behalf on your own crypto wallet located on your own exchange account. The platform only trades on your behalf and you have full control to revoke the access at any moment in time.

To do this, AlgoCryptobot requires access to your exchange account. This is done via an API Key which you create on the exchange account. This is completed in a few steps.

Note: As a safety feature, the API Keys do not hold withdrawal capabilities and your funds are safe. The API keys you input into AlgoCryptobot is encrypted with highest possible security and encryption.

The only capability which AlgoCryptobot can do on your exchange account is ONLU buy and sell coins according to the trading rules you set up. Furthermore, you have complete control to revoke the access at any moment in time.

Since each exchange has different processes to create and enable the API keys, below you will find a quick summary of instructions on how to connect to the most popular exchanges.

Coinbase Pro

First log in to your Coinbase Pro account, and select the Profile information in the upper right. There you will see the API Menu as one of the options.

Select “New API Key’ and make sure that it is connected to the Portfolio you want to connect to the AlgoCryptobot. (Pro Tip: We actually recommend you create a new portfolio so this way it is very easy to analyze and manage)

Them, Coinbase Pro will ask you to:

Provide a name for the API

  • Grant the needed permissions
  • Create a passphrase (make sure to copy and paste it into the AlgoCryptobot App)
  • Confirm your 2-factor Authenticator

Upon confirming with your 2FA, Coinbase will show the Secret Key. This won’t be shown again, so make sure you copy it down.

The last step is to click on ‘DONE’ and you will see the API Key.

Copy the Passphrase, Secret Key, and API Key to the AlgoCryptobot Exchange screen.

That is it! Simple as that!

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