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How does AlgoCryptobot trade?

AlgoCryptobot uses its throughly tested strategies and algorithms to do the trades.

Trading Intervals

The trades are executed at different times throughout the day, depending on market conditions and when the algorithms find the most efficient opportunities.

Note: There maybe days in which the bot will not trade due to a down trend or other market conditions which the bot feels may not have the probability of success. The bot uses a weight and scaling system to determine probability and must meet at least 84% high probability before entering into a trade.

Tradable Crypto Assets

We believe in mitigating risks for our users. Although there are 10,000+ Crypto assets and more getting released daily, we are very careful in which Crypto Assets the bot trades.

The bot gives preference to the Top 50 Crypto Assets by Market Cap (note this list may change daily). However, if the bot finds opportunities in lower cap assets, it may trade those as well, although it will limit the exposure.

Algorithms Tweaked

Our algorithms are constantly being updated and tweaked and first tested on our own capital before they are deployed to our users. (you can actually see our company account live trading in the app)

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